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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Best Trio Prologue

Took me long enough but here it is (its super short, hence prologue)
but fancy with SFX and stuff wooo~
I couldn't think of anything but clatter for "GATA" so I used it way too many times.

Edit: The full story that this prologue leads up to is already out and translated by, in my opinion, a much better scanlator than me! (here's the G-hentai link to the gallery almost first result on google) it also has ALL of the other old works that I'm not going to be retranslating that were included in this collection.


  1. What the hell was that guy talking about with those other 2 classmates lol..

  2. This is so, so good. I really wish Jiraiya would revisit his existing characters more often. When the other existing character walks in (I won't spoil it for those that haven't read it yet), I will freely confess that I squeed like a fifteen-year-old Doctor Who fan that just found herself in the same room as David Tennant.

    I kind of wish the SFX had been left in Japanese, though. It feels more authentic, somehow. And the Japanese onomatopoeia are often interestingly different to how we might phrase them in English.