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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Everybody's Doing It - Takaku Nozomu

Edit: I forgot page 9 it's added to the .rar file, for those who don't want to redownload just get it from the previous link.
It's done! and in record time if I do say so myself, thanks to the magical powers of content aware filling I managed to pull of cleaning some of the text, although I'm mad at how bad I am at finding fonts for moaning I went through like 3 different fonts in 3 pages once. Even the font title is making me mad now I couldn't find one that matched but yeah not a big deal to hold up the release for. HUGE THANKS TO CRIMSONBLOOD FOR SHARING.

This IS a sequel to another work (Drive that Man Into a Frenzy) something that I was planning to scanlate and then I took too long and someone else got it done. I honestly didnt expect the artist to make it into a series and considering how his beastman forest went AND how the end of the story goes I'm kinda worried how he's going to conclude this...haha

Now all that's left is to wait for that new Moritake or Gai Mizuki work, and while I'm waiting I've got my Ginza pt2, Jiraiya, Polls, Hospitality and some other things woopdeedoo.

Also sorry for the somewhat large file size I didn't want to resize the images since it seemed fine but it does seem a bit excessive now that I see how big the file is.

A little trivia about the title that was shared with me by "Luke" over at the barachan forums, thanks! Shame I didn't know ahead of time or I'd change the title to match, it makes a lot more sense too haha (and sounds better)
"Just some trivia thing. 
The name of this doujin みんなヤってるか? is a reference from a 1994 movie with the same name. 
with english title of "Getting Any?" 
The story is about a guy named Asao who keep thinking of having sex with woman.The horniness drives him to do something crazy. Just like this story :) "


  1. omg a new manga with Koyama Hajime in it (the guy on the right) yay <3

  2. thank you and thank for CRIMSONBLOOD!!
    thanks for sharing~~

  3. Oh my god. This is the best thing ever (or at least this week). I saw this on Pixiv and immediately needed it.

    Thank you guys. T_T

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  5. Um I am a newbie and have no idea on how to read this, could someone help me?

    1. I'll give you a hint if you read the actual blog post you'll see that some letters are different colors than others :3

  6. Link is broken, aw, I want to read so badly ;-;

  7. Leon can you reupload this one please? >.<

    1. its already been reuploaded in the archives, just go to the link at the top :)