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Monday, August 12, 2013

Next Jiraiya Work - POLL

Alright so you guys have a choice of five Jiraiya comics to translate (2 are new and 3 are oldish ones thathaven't been translated) here are the preview pics for them and a short summary. Votes will decide the order (ALL will be translated), 1st place gets translated first and so on simple enough. Of course the shorter comics will get translated faster if they win so I put the page count in for those wish to know.

I didn't quite get the relationship between the two characters in Fire Safety when I skimmed through it, I can't tell if they're old friends, coworkers or what since he just calls him "factory manager". I just went with the good old "Why not both?" since during the story Miyagi holds up a picture of his boss and his kids that his boss has in his apartment and they start talking about it.

There's also only and 8 year difference between them anyways, the NEW ones are Whichever Way the Wind Blows and Fire Safety, the three oldish ones are Ginta's Kintama, Chakaru and White Sake (although I think someone translated White Sake awhile ago since it was so short but I couldn't find it so oh well)
Polls are done and order is decided!
4th Chakaru 12PG - Business man gets
molested by his superiors.
2nd Ginta's Kintama 30PG - Gen goes back to visit his
 childhood friends after 15 years who happens
to have giant testicles. They have sex.
1st Whichever Way the Wind Blows 42PG -
Trucker picks up a hitchhiker
with ulterior motives, but the hitchhiker
has secrets of his own.
5th White Sake 10PG - Lumberjack goes into
 a forest haunted by"spirits"
 that are in search of white sake
 (they mean semen)

3rd Fire Safety 26PG - Miyagi moves into
his boss' apartment after his house
burns down.


  1. i wanna read ALL OF THEM

    i love Jiraiya's bara so much ;__;

    1. I updated the post so it's a bit more clear :)

    2. i understand now, thank you SO much for doing this :3

  2. I'm not really a fan of Jiraiya's artwork, so I guess anything will be nice ;_;
    Oh, btw, how about that Class Trio? Was it only a prologue or is there any actual full manga for it? Cause that one sure looked interesting XD

    1. Sorry I had the wrong name in the title, I updated the post the full manga is already translated and out there under the title "The Best Trio" (I titled the post Class Trio but that was wrong haha)

    2. Ahahaha it's okay man! I'll get the complete manga in the link that you posted then. Thanks for the reference Leon ;)

  3. I just love Jiraiya's art style so much, plus he draw bears lol.

  4. YAY!!!!.......... i love Jiraiya's Work
    i would love to see them all get translated... you're doing a wonderful work.....

    but if i have to choose i'll choose "Whichever Way the Wind Blows"

  5. OMG! Reading this just made my night! I'm such a huge fan of Jiraiya. His artwork is just the perfect kind of Bara there is, plot-wise and awesome Bear action in one. I do hope you translate "Toro the Crybaby" and a few pages of the "Gengorou Kimura Family" too. Keep it up Leon! You rock!

  6. uuummm,im very fan to jiraiya bara,but i cant download it,leon how to download it???,..

  7. Chakaru is still in japanese :T