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Friday, September 6, 2013

Dangerous Relationship - Chapter 3

Here's Chapter 3!  I'm starting with this one because despite their already being chapters 1-3~ on ex-hentai and other places on the internet Chapter 3 is...pretty awful.  So I went and redid it hopefully I can get Chapter 4 out a bit quicker though.
Sorry it took so long, working out this whole Takeshi Matsu fiasco took some up some of my time.  Despite him downright refusing any help from translators I'm going to keep emailing him to at least see what his plans are for translating in general.  At least this time he isn't super-mad like Jin was when he found out I had some of his works on the internet and is willing to discuss this stuff, so there's still hope but not much of it haha.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Kinta's Kintama - Jiraiya

Number 3 of the new jiraiya works! This one was out and around a bit before but in super low quality so I never got to really read it, but I gotta say out of all the Jiraiya stories in the collection this one has gotta have the best sex scene in it.  I'll let you read the rest haha Enjoy! I also mixed up Kinta's name for Ginta (which turned out to be his brother's name for maximum confusement who's also only mentioned once through the whole story) Also if you haven't figured it out yet Kintama means balls but I left it untranslated so that the word play made sense.

Professor Makumakuran is up next! You'll be seeing that one this Wednesday if all goes well, sorry for the delay all you patient folks.