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Friday, September 6, 2013

Dangerous Relationship - Chapter 3

Here's Chapter 3!  I'm starting with this one because despite their already being chapters 1-3~ on ex-hentai and other places on the internet Chapter 3 is...pretty awful.  So I went and redid it hopefully I can get Chapter 4 out a bit quicker though.
Sorry it took so long, working out this whole Takeshi Matsu fiasco took some up some of my time.  Despite him downright refusing any help from translators I'm going to keep emailing him to at least see what his plans are for translating in general.  At least this time he isn't super-mad like Jin was when he found out I had some of his works on the internet and is willing to discuss this stuff, so there's still hope but not much of it haha.


  1. you are wise in starting with ch 3, i just realized i've had 1 and 2 in english for the longest time lol

  2. can you please translate D-RAW works too? I really like his work!

  3. A very nice job (as usual)...thanks for taking the time to do it, and of course thanks for sharing.

  4. Someone can help me ? , I click on the link but it doesn't work , it just says error trying to connect the local host ... how can I download or see online ?

    1. i've reuploaded it to the megaupload collection just follow the link on the holdiay post.

  5. Thanks I didn't notice it , very nice job Btw :)

  6. hi leon. is there any ch1 and ch2? thanks! :)