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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trick or Treat - Takezamurai

A little short picture book like story that was commissioned a bit ago.  Had a fun time trying to mimic the writing style you'd see in a kids storybook since thats what the author was doing too haha

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kid's Return - Takaku Nozomu

The first of the C85 releases that I'll be translating....actually this is the only one that I have that I wanted to translate.  

So it'll be back to Kagura Dance and the like until that changes oh and I'm working on translating a text-only thingy. It's a nice change since the writing has to make up for their being a lack of images so I get to be creative with translating it.  I'm gonna have to update the blog but I'm pretty much back onto schedule releases now but I don't have exact dates set so I guess we'll just go with monthly? But I might have things coming out more than once a month so that's not a set thing.

This is the finale of the series and it ends as expected and not like I would have liked but eh.  2/3 stories didn't even have size difference sex despite having the series start that way so i'd say its a good trade.
As you can see C85s censoring is pretty wacky, even censoring bulges of dicks.