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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trick or Treat - Takezamurai

A little short picture book like story that was commissioned a bit ago.  Had a fun time trying to mimic the writing style you'd see in a kids storybook since thats what the author was doing too haha

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kid's Return - Takaku Nozomu

The first of the C85 releases that I'll be translating....actually this is the only one that I have that I wanted to translate.  

So it'll be back to Kagura Dance and the like until that changes oh and I'm working on translating a text-only thingy. It's a nice change since the writing has to make up for their being a lack of images so I get to be creative with translating it.  I'm gonna have to update the blog but I'm pretty much back onto schedule releases now but I don't have exact dates set so I guess we'll just go with monthly? But I might have things coming out more than once a month so that's not a set thing.

This is the finale of the series and it ends as expected and not like I would have liked but eh.  2/3 stories didn't even have size difference sex despite having the series start that way so i'd say its a good trade.
As you can see C85s censoring is pretty wacky, even censoring bulges of dicks.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Arrested Police - Rokudenashi

So, a HUGE thanks goes out to Trafalgar who did the amazing cleaning and typesetting for this thing.  Pretty sure I could go on for days about how awesome this looks but you're better off just seeing for yourself!  

And to those wondering we're going to continue working on projects together after this one but they definitely won't be as frequent as my translations since they're on a whole 'nother level quality wise.  So all I can say is look forward to it!

Feel free to send your thanks as well to him at his email, or if you want to work together with him on a translation project yourself.