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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Asuma - Takezamurai

Slight warning: The plot of this story is so bad that you will think I made up these translations, but I assure you this is truly what the author wrote and yes it is that bad.

At least it's bad in comparison to some attempts at plot I've seen from porn but it's good as a porn plot because it does what it's supposed to and gets the characters to have sex.

I'm not actually certain if Takezamurai is the artist, because if so his art style has changed a lot in the last decade (which is of course understandable).  So if it's not let me know so I'm not spreading misinformation, because that's no fun.

Part 2 of the Tagame story will be out tomorrow.


  1. Well. Manga Lexicon says it's from Taezamurai...

  2. Heh, anyway.. can we actually consider this a Naruto 'doujinshi'? Because isn't that Sarutobi Asuma from the series? Guys?

  3. LOL, I'm sure the plot won't be THAT bad XD Thank you so much for the release :D

  4. It is definitely Takezamurai. I've been following the "bara" artists since way back in the day and Takezamurai's style has changed the most over the time. Some of the old fans actually hate his newer art style because of how different it is from what they're used to, but I personally like it because it makes his art more distinctive.

  5. Yeah this art style was back when his art wasn't so saccharine bubbly and borderline shota.