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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Moritake Mini Comic - After Work

Just a short two page thingy from pixiv, this image is a preview and not the full size or whole thing, both images are here.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Priapus 3 - Mentaiko

Here's Priapus 3 from Mentaiko, thanks for commissioning it guys and sorry for the delays.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Killing the Crow of 3000 Worlds: Multiple Existences But One Soul - Tsukasa Matsuzaki

SO first and foremost about the title of this manga.
Tsukasa Matsuzaki likes to get really really really fancy with his titles so fancy that if you put them in English they really don't make any fucking sense if you don't know japanese.
First off this is the 3rd (and final arc) of this two from killing the crow series, so the title has the nice kanji for 3 in the title (δΈ‰)the previous ones before it had of course 1 and 2.
Correction: only the 2nd arc also follows it there are 4 or so stories before that don't use this clever titling style.
Secondly! This title is also a clever reference to past present and future existances (as this is what it directly translates to) This is referencing how Hiroshi is basically a woman for all intents and purposes in every portion of this series but at the same time he's a guy because otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, right?
Also there's the whole thing about him thinking he's going to get pregnant and Hato making him his woman too.

So to summarize, he is using the fact that there are 3 arcs to this story to at the same time have titles that directly correspond to the plot of each arc. While still functioning as just simple 1,2,3 numbers so that's kinda nifty. Enjoy!
  Oh and I will be translating the 2nd arc in between this one  also Priapus 3, Kagura Dance and rugby thing will have to fit in there somehow oh boy next week will be a doozy.

This is all ranting so I'm just going to keep it seperate.
The following his has nothing to do with explaining the comic but after reading all of these and this is once again just my personal preferences but damnit I hate Hato and he needs to get fucked.  This is usually the case for all of the "tops" of Tsukasa Matsuzaki's works sometimes exceptions can be made, like that size difference comic I translated sometime back that I really need to get around to reuploading to make the point clear but anyways.  The guy is hot don't get me wrong but I just have a thing for knocking characters like that down a peg, a very sadistic thing.

also whoops I deleted my chat box on accident it shall be back soon.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Requests and Stuff

So as I'm sure many of you all now there are some series or works that I'll probably never translate for "fun" because I don't like the artist, style, story or branch of bara category it falls under etc.   While I do have the option for commissions I realize that it is unfair for that one person to shell out the money for a translation and then everyone gets to read to it for free. Also I know the feeling of where you want to read that new bara comic but you don't want to pay THAT much for it since it is just porn and all.

Because of this I'm just going to be testing out this new widget thing which allows you people to contribute to translating something without having to pay a whole commission fee and only a portion of it.  Once the total is reached the work gets translated and everyone gets to read it.

The work I chose this time was Priapus 3 by Mentaiko because I've seen it's been floating around untranslated for awhile and as far as I know other groups haven't touched it but a lot of people still want to see it translated.  Of course you're still welcome to commission and request other things and I will be continuing my scanlation of Kagura Dance and other series I already agreed to do because that would be silly to change my mind now.

Whatever series I choose next will be based on what people request so if this turns out well I'll leave things open for request for other series that are left neglected by me personally but are still sought out by the community.  Speaking of requests incase people are worried the winner of the poll, Abunai Kankei it has become a collab work with another typesetter guy who I am currently working with no clear release date right now. Not exactly the best of news but the series hasn't been dropped if you were worried about that.