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Monday, June 2, 2014

Tsukasa Matsuzaki - Unfaithfulness from Two Years Ago Part 1

First in a trilogy that depicts more of this wonderful couple's rocky relationship.  But we don't want to hear more of my ranting instead lets just translate more of this stuff.
Part Two will be released later this week.

Sorry forgot to clarify this is couple's story is part of a whole series called Killing The Crow of 3000 Worlds, or something like that, that sounds really weird in English.  Chapters 1-3 should be out on the internet and 4~5 are currently being translated by another group so I have these 3 left to finish to make sure the whole thing is done.

Chapter 1 Killing Crow of 3000 Worlds
Chapter 2 What Puts the Spring Nightingales to Sleep
Chapter 3 Poison and Old Age
Chapter 4 That Which Succeed's the Stars
Chapter 5 (Grand' Uomo)
Ch6~8 Unfaithful
Ch9 Multiple Existences (I released this one back in May)

Hopefully that clears things up.


  1. Thanks for the scanlation. ^^ And can you please tell me which manga this story comes from? It says chapter six. Thanks. ^^

  2. Thanks for the translation. This is so confusing though, I'm not really sure in which order the stories go.

    1. Ah just saw your addition, thanks for the clarification.