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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nokoshibito Ch.3 - Zin

Another chapter another day another plot point (kinda?)


Chihayafuru - Matsuzaki

Edit: I just realized I did the requests out of order lol, okay well I'll be releasing the previous one today as well anyways sorry for the mixup.

So this story is ah whatever it's Matsuzaki his tops are almost all jerks.

The meaning of the title from what I understand has something to do with two extremely strong forces clashing in harmony...I think?  So I'm pretty sure it's speaking to the characters in this story how they're both thirst motherfuckers who have to have sex everyday.

Anyways more releases will be coming today hold tight.

And thank you for visiting my blog and posting in the chat box but the request thing was just for the holidays.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Never Fuck It Rush - Kenta

Okay so I did this thing and now we're going to have a nice sit down with Leon while I complain about this manga.  If you haven't read it yet and care about spoilers don't read past this.
Actually nothing past this is really important at all so you can pass on reading it either way.  Also no offense to chrismasterx thanks for stopping by and requesting it! I'm just overly critical on everything.

SO first off you've got decently buff guys who for all sakes and purposes qualify as bara.  But then you've got 15-20 pages of build up for maybe 5 pages of something that could maybe pass as sexual content/porn.  So from a translation standpoint hey look the story is actually interesting I get why you'd want to read it.

 From a porn standpoint what the fuck is this I got half a panel of a guy getting a blowjob and then you get this huge tease of the most attractive guy in the comic and what does he do? Pulls out a fucking umbrella. AN UMBRELLLA. The fuck?

 Then the finale, oh wow that finale he cums from the umbrella because he used it to KO the other guy by jabbing him in the crotch.  Eliminating our chances to see the best looking character in this comic actually get some action.
Then again "best" is subjective though so that isn't exactly true either, anyways this was definitely entertaining to translate but wow.   Also the title makes 0 sense unless you over think some of the dialogue in the manga.  Something to do with how Uchida promised never to fuck our main character and then how the rush hour is just called "RUSH" in japanese.

Nokoshibito ch.02 - ZIN

The second chapter to Nokoshibto, figured I'd give you guys a real release since I posted that thing I said I'd translate for the holiday request up on myreadingmanga instead of my blog.
(You can download it here if you don't want to read it on their site)

I think it's the 3rd  (or 4th?) chapter of this that's actually in Chinese but really nothing happens with the plot of this manga except for the last 2 chapters.  It just kinda wanders about repeating the vague memories/flashback thing.  So I'm pretty sure you're not missing much.  If we find JP scans or a Chinese-ENG translator wants to pick up that chapter the RAWs are also over at

Friday, December 26, 2014

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays AND 3,000,000 Views!

So for the holidays and as a thanks for the 3 Million views I'll be opening requests for daily releases until the new year!

Just post a comment reply TO THIS POST (not in the chat it's easier to keep track of it it's in one area and I get email alerts for comments) of something you want me to translate and keep it close to or under 30 pages so I can finish it in one day!

The slots will fill on a first come first serve bases, once all of them are filled that'll be it!

Feel free to request something I haven't talked about translating or something you remember I said I would but haven't yet. (because I might have forgotten)

Also the Takaku Nozomu comic is still a WIP, my cleaner is busy for the holidays so it's on hold for now.

Dec 25th: ddktt My Brother's Friend - Higemorigen.
Dec 26th: Rotten Chocochip Control It! -  Banjaku (GG12)
Dec 27th:  pseudogoose [Gorillion (Kyuun)] Ketsume Doronpa
Dec 28th: chrismasterx never fuck it rush by Kenta
Dec 29th: darkspring89 Gankutsu Shankushuki  - Higemorigen
Dec 30thGrigolow Chihayafuru - Matsusaki
Dec 31st:  TaramusCB Pochi by Tagame

All the slots have been filled Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nokoshibito Chapter 1 - ZIN

This story is a bit on the fence bara-wise, at least for the oh so holy standards I try and uphold on my blog.   But all that nonsense aside its story is somewhat interesting.

It's a 6 part series so it'll be with us for a few weeks (maybe shorter?)

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Only 15cm - Banjaku

This is a nicelittle sweet story by Banjaku, well I say little but this things actually 32 pages.  I had started it thinking it was only 20 something and ended up taking way longer on it than I had hoped.

One more Banjaku after this, then they'll be the continuation of Dangerous Relationship.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I Hate My Boss - Banjaku

Another Banjaku work, this one I remember seeing translated months ago but couldn't find it again...
So I just translated it anyways!
There are two other Banjaku works left after this and the next chapter to Dangerous Relationship.

Takaku Nozomu's other thing is also being worked on during all of this and should be out mid decemberish as usual.