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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Chihayafuru - Matsuzaki

Edit: I just realized I did the requests out of order lol, okay well I'll be releasing the previous one today as well anyways sorry for the mixup.

So this story is ah whatever it's Matsuzaki his tops are almost all jerks.

The meaning of the title from what I understand has something to do with two extremely strong forces clashing in harmony...I think?  So I'm pretty sure it's speaking to the characters in this story how they're both thirst motherfuckers who have to have sex everyday.

Anyways more releases will be coming today hold tight.

And thank you for visiting my blog and posting in the chat box but the request thing was just for the holidays.


  1. Whenever I try and get this file the site says oops the file you are trying to download is unavailable.

    Please re upload this file I'd really like to read this bara.

    1. I fixed it, thanks for letting me know.