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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays AND 3,000,000 Views!

So for the holidays and as a thanks for the 3 Million views I'll be opening requests for daily releases until the new year!

Just post a comment reply TO THIS POST (not in the chat it's easier to keep track of it it's in one area and I get email alerts for comments) of something you want me to translate and keep it close to or under 30 pages so I can finish it in one day!

The slots will fill on a first come first serve bases, once all of them are filled that'll be it!

Feel free to request something I haven't talked about translating or something you remember I said I would but haven't yet. (because I might have forgotten)

Also the Takaku Nozomu comic is still a WIP, my cleaner is busy for the holidays so it's on hold for now.

Dec 25th: ddktt My Brother's Friend - Higemorigen.
Dec 26th: Rotten Chocochip Control It! -  Banjaku (GG12)
Dec 27th:  pseudogoose [Gorillion (Kyuun)] Ketsume Doronpa
Dec 28th: chrismasterx never fuck it rush by Kenta
Dec 29th: darkspring89 Gankutsu Shankushuki  - Higemorigen
Dec 30thGrigolow Chihayafuru - Matsusaki
Dec 31st:  TaramusCB Pochi by Tagame

All the slots have been filled Happy Holidays!


  1. Can you do the last untranslated work from Banjyaku, please? It's in GG 12.

  2. Merry Christman Leon! Thanks for all the hard work this year. I'd like to request this Mondo Oowada doujin. You haven't translated Gorillion's work before, but I think this one is pretty hot.

  3. Thanks for your hard work and Merry Christmas Leon!

    I'd like to request Never fuck it rush by Kenta
    I uploaded the non-gbless-version with slightly higher resolution

  4. Can you please translate this Higemorigen doujin, too?

  5. Can you translate this one Leon?

  6. Can you translate one of these two Gengoroh Tagame doujins?
    I can't decide between them and don't know if you would turn one of them down.!Cc1kxQJA!iMSJU0u006NOJ1B6zfpNC5aAHaBkwxYbNRlharXYOqk

    Congratulations to your 3.000.000 views and have nice holidays!

  7. Am I too late? Might as well post this request anyways. It's a sequel to a Draw Two doujin that's already been translated.

  8. Drawtwo's doujins are many things but not short:)

    Though I'm late I will try it and request Terujirou's last work published in GG11.
    Maybe a miracle will happen.
    can you do your thing, leon (zhu li) ? Its short and awesome:D

    And merry xmas and enjoy your holidays!

  9. Woops. I was in such a rush to make a request I didn't realize how long that doujin was. I formally retract my request. I'm still more than excited to see the rest of these holiday translations.

  10. Happy holidays to you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks a thousand for all the hard work allways and these releases you have prepared :***************

  11. Happy holiday to u and ur family
    Could you translate this doujin
    Here the link

  12. thank you very much:) and merry xmas:)

  13. Happy holidays! I was hoping you could translate the third Galka Mayo doujin, Galkan Sausage Factory. It's 15 pages long, and I've sent it to you before, but I can do so again if necessary. Thanks in advance!

  14. Might be too late >.< But I'll give it a shot, here's a personal fave that our group (Baradise) hasn't gotten around to. I could give you a hand coming up with cleans if you wanna do it. It's on which you may not have hooked up but there's a plugin to get on the site. Gakuran - Too Cute and Tiny, My Nomura:

    I'll keep an eye on this post!

  15. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!