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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Never Fuck It Rush - Kenta

Okay so I did this thing and now we're going to have a nice sit down with Leon while I complain about this manga.  If you haven't read it yet and care about spoilers don't read past this.
Actually nothing past this is really important at all so you can pass on reading it either way.  Also no offense to chrismasterx thanks for stopping by and requesting it! I'm just overly critical on everything.

SO first off you've got decently buff guys who for all sakes and purposes qualify as bara.  But then you've got 15-20 pages of build up for maybe 5 pages of something that could maybe pass as sexual content/porn.  So from a translation standpoint hey look the story is actually interesting I get why you'd want to read it.

 From a porn standpoint what the fuck is this I got half a panel of a guy getting a blowjob and then you get this huge tease of the most attractive guy in the comic and what does he do? Pulls out a fucking umbrella. AN UMBRELLLA. The fuck?

 Then the finale, oh wow that finale he cums from the umbrella because he used it to KO the other guy by jabbing him in the crotch.  Eliminating our chances to see the best looking character in this comic actually get some action.
Then again "best" is subjective though so that isn't exactly true either, anyways this was definitely entertaining to translate but wow.   Also the title makes 0 sense unless you over think some of the dialogue in the manga.  Something to do with how Uchida promised never to fuck our main character and then how the rush hour is just called "RUSH" in japanese.


  1. Thank you so much for the release :D OMG, I love your rant XD Now I'm curious about the umbrella :P

  2. So first off thank you very much for this translation Leon! Finally I'm able to understand the story.
    To be honest I chose this because of its story. I just remembered the first half was very interesting and forgot what the actual sex scenes would be like. I thought the finale was better.

    And wow the last time you were so overly critical was Kagura Dance. I really picked the wrong one here:D Sorry!
    From a porn standpoint this wasn't satisfying but Kenta has other doujins like "The Sunny Side of the Street", Omnibus (yeah translated already!) and more which are promising (more sex, less story).

  3. Thanks a lot for today two releases, I really loved them :************