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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gankutsu Shakushuki - Higemorigen

Here's another one of the holiday requests.

So I have a idea for handling all these requests since turning you guys all down doesn't feel right.  Right now there's two ideas I have either

1) We do donation goals for requests basically I set up a little tracker and once the goal is reached it gets translated immediately.   What manga gets put on the donation goal will be determined by popularity, people seconding requests etc.

2) Any requested manga will be done without donation goals but they'll have ads on their download link.  Then once they reach a certain amount of downloads they'll be added to the archive.

Let me know which method you guys prefer here.


  1. This one a prequel: 山頂触手記, can you translate that too, pls?

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!!

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work and dedication during 2014, I hope this new year bring all of us better and even happier things :)

    Thanks a thousand for all the holiday releases too. I enjoyed them a lot :*******************

  3. Happy New Year :D Thank you so much for this ^^ Hope you'll have a wonderful year ^^

  4. Are you still generously taking requests, leon? I've got a stack of bara manga/doujins that beg to be translated.....

  5. thank you thank you:)