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Friday, April 10, 2015

Takaku Nozomu - Rice Shop Owner Tachibana Koushiro Posting History

So funny thing about this I wanted to release this earlier but I wanted to release his older one first....
But that isn't done cleaning because the cleaner went MIA so now that I've released this I'm going to contact my other wizards to get the old one finished.

The Portuguese one being released before mine is because the site owner has cleaned/typeset with me before so to make things easier for him I just send psd's over to him when he wants to translate it to his language.  Instead of having to reclean the English text and all that nonsense, that's no fun.

Anyways here's this, this doesn't count as April's release because it was well done before April so theres still more coming this month.

Also the one I shared with him wasn't full proofread so hopefully those errors didn't carry over into his version.