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Thursday, March 17, 2016

My Brave Lover 3 - Zelolee

And this is the most recent and what I believe to be Zelolee's final doujinshi.

For the reason why he stopped making them we can only guess but I'd like to believe it was from the bad reception he got for the mistakes he made with the SFX in the manga.

It starts off a bit odd like the SFX for tearing off our main characters chara Rekka are ones usually attributed to smokey sounds like "suu".     But when it gets to the sex it gets really weird.
Without boring you with the details most of his SFX are ones that're usually used with farts or the sloppy defecation sounds sounds.  The SFX he uses for him wetting are ones usually associate with the jiggly SFX of pudding "puripuri".  Our well known zubus, dons, pans and other sex slapping sounds are nowhere to be found and it's basically a huge mess.  It didn't go down so well on his reviews on digiket either.
All in all its a shame because he does do some amazing art but the most you see of him nowadays is the occasional fanart of the next bara hearththrob (He's currently on a Crank kick from MSG:IBO) of this seasons anime, and I think a bara calender as well(?) before disappearing into the night again.

Your past mistakes aside I wish you would return Zelolee your original characters are always nice to see and if anything it'd be interesting to see what you'd do with this world you were building.

1 comment:

  1. Really good bara comic. Thank you very much for the efforts, we all fans really apreciate the work. Hugs :D