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Request Thread

So I decided I'd make a request thread to funnel in all these requests people have, most of them are posted in chat and are bound to get buried or repeated.  Here we have a nice place to keep them all stored for eternity and for the people kind enough to check here first can save us all the time of telling them what has and hasn't been asked for yet. I don't have a specific way to organize them by priority or chance of being translated (that might just end up being a poll anyways) But I'll just split them between In Progress and Requested for now.

All requests are done when I have spare time if you'd like to donate to support me via PayPal you can click this link

LAST UPDATED: 07/08/2016

In Progress
Dangerous Relationship - Noda Gaku*
Omaso - 学園生活ただれ気味 
Kenta - Shouriya Ken-chan
Kenta - The Sunny Side of the Street 
Out of Play - Waka
Hyougo Kijima - Dai go no otoko-
Takaku Nozomu - Higuma
Takaku Nozomu - Nenmaku Jigoku -Kamegashira-hen-
Gengoroh Tagame - My Teacher
AG Ai Samurai - Bumpin' Balls!!
Sex and The Furry 1/2 - BomBom
Dekaranger Doggy - Bomb
Ikenie wa Ninpu - Goma Saba aka Natsuo Monaka.
High Voltage - Zelolee
Omawari Slavery - Meisho Hanten (Haruaki)
Wet Sweat - Meisho Hanten (Haruaki)
Papa-kai one count - Meisho Hanten (Haruaki)

*not subjected to ads due to reasons. (one was Annual User Poll, another was a request after someone offered to scan raws for it, third was part of my old quest to translate all of Gai Mizuki's works)


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  2. Can you please translate
    Sex and the furry 1&2 thank you

  3. Can you translate this?

    Neyukidou (Various)] Muraya Ginza Shoutengai Mahiru no Kettou

  4. Could you translated 'project HERO' by Rokudenashi?

  5. Could you translated this?

  6. Can you translate this?

  7. Can you please tŕanslate Gai Mizuki's Sudare – Nagori :)

    1. Sure if you have a japanese copy of it, I've only see a chinese one.

  8. Ye that's the problem I've only seen chinese one as well. Hopefully someone translates it to jpn and eventually you can translate it to eng :) btw just want to say thank you for translating beautiful bara can't wait to see your next project :)

  9. I'd like to request a translation for 'Ikenie wa Ninpu' by Goma Saba aka Natsuo Monaka.

  10. please translate Dainyu 代入 (Assignment 代入道雲) – Light the Fire to english that's the link to it

    1. I have a feeling a translated version will be available on myreadingmanga soon. You didn't hear this from me though.

  11. Can you translate
    [Neyukido] Nenmaku Jigoku -Kamegashira-hen- [JP]

  12. Hi Leon. Can you translate Sensei to Ore?

  13. Will you translate the other parts of Wolves Running Through The Night by Shuunpei Nakata? And what about the epilogue that ties both Moonlight and WRTTN?

  14. Hi and sorry to bother you...
    I saw that you translated MPD Psycho, why did it stop?
    I started to re-read it, and I saw that has 155 chapters and only about 80 it's translated...why?

    Thank you for your time and have a nice week!!

  15. excuse me sr, can you translate this シロとクロともしもの話
    i dont even know the doujin name in english or the artist name but they looks very cute kemono characters
    thanks for all your work

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  17. Hello! Could you translate Tora Shutsubotsu Chuui - High Voltage ?

  18. Can please translate this
    This the continuation of another manga and I really want to read it

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  20. Would like to request if you can continue the translations for MPD Psycho, please.

  21. can you please translate Meisho Hanten (Haruaki) works?

    Omawari Slavery
    Wet Sweat
    Papa-kai one count

    thank you

  22. Can you please tranlsate NAOP Capture 2

  23. Hey, I have NO idea what this comic is called, which I know doesn't help. Tried to google translate it and it didn't help one bit. it MIGHT be called "Policeman's Trap", and it MIGHT be by "Roaringmoon", but I have no clue. Regardless, plez translate. <3 (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

  24. Have you considered translating Messiah II or Messiah III by MA2 (Momose Sei)?

  25. hey leon, could u translate Otona ni Nattara by Jamboree!/jin?? pretty please..

  26. Hello Leon, could u pls trabslate Veteran Lifesaver 1&2 by Kata (Sea-Son) from korean to english pls and thank you. Links (

  27. Hello Leon, could u pls trabslate Veteran Lifesaver 1&2 by Kata (Sea-Son) from korean to english pls and thank you. Links (